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EuroMillions Statistics

Our Euro Millions statistics page offers a wealth of information to enhance your understanding and strategy for the game. Featured prominently is the "Number Frequency (5/50)" section, providing insights into how often each number in the 5/50 draw has been selected. This can help you identify patterns or favorite numbers.

Additionally, we have meticulously compiled the "Best Two Numbers" and "Best Three Numbers" sections, each showcasing the top 250 combinations based on past draw data. These sections are invaluable for players looking to base their choices on historically successful number pairs and triplets.

For those interested in the Euro Millions' Star numbers, our "Frequency of Star (1-12)" and "Frequency of Stars" sections offer detailed analysis on the occurrence of each star number. This information is crucial for anyone looking to complete their game strategy with an informed choice of star numbers.

  1. Number Frequency (5/50)

  2. Best two numbers (Top 250)

  3. Best three numbers (Top 250)

  4. Frequency of star (1-12)

  5. Frequency of stars

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